We are a registered non-profit organization working towards a peaceful & seizure free world by bringing awareness to the disorder canine epilepsy. Together we can bring awareness & a better future to all dogs living with canine epilepsy.


Wally’s Canine Epilepsy Foundation sole purpose is to assist humans who have canines diagnosed with epilepsy, and dog rescue and animal shelters, in paying for epileptic medications and treatments, and to assist researchers in finding a cure epilepsy.


TWF is named after a Saint Bernard, Wally, who had his life cut short from epilepsy.  Wally was a true ‘Gentle Giant’ and loved life and his family, and his family loved him.  Too often, dogs diagnosed with epilepsy are unable to receive the treatment and medications they need to control this disorder.

As a tribute to Wally, TWF was created so whenever possible, no family should have to euthanize a beloved family member for financial reasons.  And no dog rescue or animal shelter should have to turn a dog away because of the diagnoses of epilepsy and expense of treatment.


To assist any epileptic dog who cannot assist themselves.


The Wally’s Canine Epilepsy Foundation is a boots-on-the ground volunteer driven organization. We receive no federal or government funding. We are able to do the work that we do because of our generous donors, local fundraising events, in-kind donations, and pro-bono/ reduced fee veterinary services to assure that no dog is turned-away.

No executive member of TWF will receive financial compensation from the program.  All monies received will be used strictly for supporting the mission and purpose of TWF.


Money, goods, or services will be distributed based upon economic need and available funds.  TWF is not a simple reimbursement program for those who can financially afford the expenses resulting from epilepsy.  TWF will also not pay for general expenses that are born from responsible dog ownership, such as vaccinations, spaying or neutering, pest or parasite control, and boarding or grooming.

TWF will consider on a case by case basis application’s that fall outside of normal requests.